\Alles Over-Winnen

'Being able to be yourself. That runs like a thread through my life. Even when I was young, I did not seem to fit into the family I grew up in. Not because I am extremely different. I fit the bill quite well. But I felt out of place. I did not know why, until I discovered the theatre. A place where I was seen, where my story was allowed to exist.'

Meet the Whopper Queen. The knife-thrower. The star of the screen. The theatre passionate. Meet Nora Akachar. After giving a platform to the stories of others with Traumas of Nora, Nora Akachar now tells her own story.

Honestly, stripped of all politeness and embellishment. A story of an ordinary girl from the Schilderswijk in The Hague.

Performance & Concept: Nora Akachar
Directed by Arjen Barel
Assistance to the director and promotion: Hamed Rahmani
Artistic advice: Laudie Vrancken

Sound design: DJ Tripoculus
Lighting design: Eddy Dijkstra
Production: Eva Asselbergh

Alles Over-Winnen is a production of Storytelling Centre & Theater de Nieuwe Regentes.


19:30 h - Laaktheater, Den Haag 

16:00 h - De Meervaart, Amsterdam


20:15 h - Cultura, Ede

19:00 h - Studio de Bakkerij, Rotterdam

19:30 h - Het Wilde Westen, Utrecht 

19:30 h - Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam + iftar

Alles Over-Winnen is made possible by: 

  • De Participatie Federatie

  • Fonds Podiumkunsten

  • Gemeente Den Haag - Investeren in Cultuur

  • Fonds ZOZ

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