A phone boot in Emmen. A mother and three children are crammed in it and call Curaçao. One of them is Thyson. He is allowed to talk to his father.


ANTI is the honest story about balancing between hope and the danger of the seamy side of society. About the desire for security. How strong do you have to be in order to break away from your roots, without letting go of what you cherish? How do you take control?


Thyson Miguel was born in Curaçao and came to the Netherlands at a young age. A few years ago, he completed his training as a drama therapist. As part of his studies, he took lessons in storytelling from Heidi Dahlsveen at OsloMet University in Norway.


Performed by: Thyson Miguel

Directed by: Arjen Barel

Production: Eva Asselbergh