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\House full of stories

on the 24th and 26th of September 2021, Het Talentenhuis was a stage for the stories that surround its residents.

Some stories were told, others were danced or translated into music.

Theatre-goers received a wristband and were surprised by 3 unique performances.

ICK Dans Amsterdam gave a show in the stairwell. There was a dance choreography and downstairs there were dancers who performed spoken word. About 'being at home in West', growth, joy and freedom of girls.

Fouad Lakbir gave a voice to the generation of twentysomethings who grew up in Osdorp, but most probably cannot afford their own home here. He researched and showed, among other things, their story.

Meervaart Jong surprised with strong acting and their performance about shame, a feeling that everyone in Osdorp and the world outside (re)knows.

Culture Generation showed that in these times it is important to be there for each other. Even if the other is not quite like you. Do you still offer him, her, them your shoulder to lean on?

With the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, you sat around a campfire and were taken into a whole other world by rhythms and sounds. A special experience that touched all the senses.

Especially for Huis vol Verhalen Marjolein Frijling investigated how safe she feels as a woman in Osdorp. What is real and what only exists in her imagination? A sometimes grim, urgent performance with also hope, light and relief.

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