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Stories on Tuesday evenings in October in Cultuurhuis de Vlugt, Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 190, Amsterdam


11 October - 8.30 pm


What is it like to live somewhere undocumented? To have hardly any rights? To be in a constant state of uncertainty? To have no place to call home?


These are the questions that theatre makers Sia Cyrroes and Zora de Vos set to work with after hearing the stories of Amsterdam's undocumented migrants. These stories, combined with their own experiences and thoughts, lead to two new theatrical research presentations that are urgent, raise questions and provoke thought.


After the presentations, audience and makers will talk to each other.

With: Sia Cyrroes and Zora de Vos

Artistic guidance: Inge Koks


18 October 8.30 pm


A double bill with the Antilles as the connecting theme. But also with many other subjects that will be discussed. Thyson Miguel presents the first try-out of his performance ANTI. Fiësta is the name of the short performance by Collin Edson, part of a series of sketches.




A phone boot in Emmen. A mother and three children are crammed in it and call Curaçao. One of them is Thyson. He is allowed to talk to his father.


ANTI is the honest story about balancing between hope and the danger of the seamy side of society. About the desire for security. How strong do you have to be in order to break away from your roots, without letting go of what you cherish? How do you take control?


Thyson Miguel was born in Curaçao and came to the Netherlands at a young age. A few years ago, he completed his training as a drama therapist. As part of his studies, he took lessons in storytelling from Heidi Dahlsveen at OsloMet University in Norway.




Friman style, freer than free. Collin plays music in his flat. I'm coming out roars from his speakers. His homophobic neighbourhood needs to come out of the closet. The confrontation is approaching, what will happen?  It's time to show some true colours


25 October 8.30 pm

In early November, the Amsterdam Storytelling Festival will take place for the fifteenth time. Each year, special performances are made for this festival by exceptional theatre makers and storytellers. A week before the festival gets underway, we will be giving a sneak preview of one of the performances that will premiere in de Vlugt. Sipan Sezgin Tekin will play The Mountain.


The Mountain is the tragic story of the anti-hero Zahhak, the snake shouldered king of the world. It chronicles his rise to power through that all consuming desire: Ambition, preceding his inevitable fall. Written down first by the Iranian eleventh century poet Ferdowsi, the story is reimagined and recreated by Sipan Sezgin, a Kurdish theater maker whose mythical ancestors are the very same mountain folk who liberated the lands of the iron fisted tyrant.


Sipan Sezgin Tekin (1996) was born in Diyarbakir and studied theater in Istanbul as well as Amsterdam.


co-writer and director: Sahand Sahebdivani

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