Storytelling \ Theater Lab is the performance laboratory of Storytelling Centre. Every year various theater performances are produced, always with (personal) stories as a starting point.

And as diverse as theater can be.

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Who reigns on Olympus? Is it the supreme Zeus? His wife Hera? Or, most brilliant of all, Pallas Athene?


And what do these kings and queens of the mountain do with all those heroes? Who do nothing but (try to) seduce woman and prove their manhood. Ancient heroes that did anything in their quest for power and prestige.


Nothing really hanged since then, or has it? We want to see what a bunch of millennials think of these Ancient Greek gods. What happens when they handle these famous stories together with a DJ? Bitter battles are fought, sultry loves blossom, pride is punished, and personal feuds are settled.


#HELD(IN) is a storytelling performance that is full of beats and energy. Greek myths are ruthlessly brought into the present, never to disappear again from the spectator's mind.


With: Ferhat Kaplan, Nina-Elisa Euson, Robbie Wallin and DJ Tripoculus


direction: Marjolein Frijling

dramaturgy: Arjen Barel

Alles Over-Winnen

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'Being able to be yourself. That runs like a red thread through my life. Even when I was young, I did not seem to fit into the family I grew up in. Not because I am extremely different. I fit the bill quite well. But I felt out of place. I did not know why, until I discovered the theatre. A place where I was seen, where my story was allowed to exist.'


Meet the Whopper Queen. The knife-thrower. The star of the screen. The theatre passionate. Meet Nora Akachar. After giving a platform to the stories of others with Traumas of Nora, Nora Akachar now tells her own story.

Honestly, stripped of all politeness and embellishment. A story of an ordinary girl from the Schilderswijk in The Hague.


ID\Club looking for Amsterdammers (aged 18-26)


ID\Club is a storytelling theatre club for young people in Amsterdam who want to discover, develop and share their story. Starting in March 2021, ID\Club works with a new group of 12 people every season from all parts of the city. 

ID\Club is currently a Dutch-spoken project. Do you want to know more? Click the button for more information on the workshops and how to sign up!