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On this page you can find more information about the recent performances produced by Storytelling\Theater Lab.

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Maybe it's my lucky day: one scratch card of five euros, received from a colleague. My lips are dry and my hands are shaking as I scratch open the last compartment with the euro coin in my right hand. Could it be? A small fortune, with which I can pay off all my debts in one go. No more debts. No more debt. Finally sleep again. Finally. Again. To sleep.

A storytelling performance on the theme of debt and money problems among young people.There is still an idea that young people themselves are “guilty” of having debts and the stigma surrounding people with debts still appears to exist: debtors are lazy, unemployed, see themselves as victims and do nothing about their problems . Our performers run off with these ideas. Are these correct or are they the example of a single story? Can you put yourself in the shoes of a young fellow citizen in debt? 


from November 17


How do you feel at home when you live in a country largely taken by others? How do you feel at home when your family does not accept that you are queer? What if you don't feel at home in your body either, because it sometimes fails you? So how do you do what you love most: express yourself, through dance?

Palestinian dancer Hala Salem uses movement, stories and video to explore what the concept of 'home' means to her. Does this concept have the same connotations for her as for someone who belongs to the dominant narrative within a country or culture? Perhaps the sense of 'home' resides in her body: her tool and medium. Her own body, as an embodiment of feeling at home.


Zişan Mermi was 20 when she was told she has a rare disease. This turned her life completely upside down. None of what she had so meticulously planned came true. Yet she still stands tall, stronger than ever before.

Immuum is the personal story of Zişan Mermi. In Immune, Zişan takes you on her journey through hospital and clinics, from admission to admission, with bright spots in between, often followed by yet another hard blow. The low point being a stem cell transplant, which she underwent in 2011. Again and again, she fought back to prove that life wasn't done with her yet. And she is not done with life yet.


One day Raphael Rodan comes across a black and white photo from 1943. In the photo he recognizes his house, in the heart of Amsterdam. He also sees in the photo how an old couple is dragged out of the house by men in what appear to be white coats. They turn out to be SS officers and the image in the photo is an image of a raid.

In his solo performance 'Me and Mr. Jansen' master storyteller Raphael Rodan takes the audience in a story that goes beyond “good” and “evil”.Is there such a thing as innocence and can we choose for ourselves which role we take on in a narrative? Does a person learn from history or are we doomed to repeat our mistakes? What lessons can we learn from history?



Gerardjan Rijnders met a man through a dating site. He called himself 'Jack'. Whether Gerardjan was aware that this man was an escort? Gerardjan - rather naively - was not. Suspecting that there was an interesting story behind Jack, Gerardjan asked Jack if he could interview him.

These interviews are the basis for Slakje, a gripping storytelling performance in which Thijs Prein tells Jack's story, directed by Gerardjan Rijnders. Initially, Jack did not want to be interviewed; nevertheless, after some time he contacted Gerardjan again. He was open to an interview, provided it could be done discreetly. During the interviews, which Gerardjan recorded on his phone, Jack distorted his voice. He also made Gerardjan promise that after Gerardjan did what he intended to do with the recordings, he would destroy them. Gerardjan did just that.



Exciting stories, beautiful stories, romantic stories and sad stories (but not too sad).... Do you want to hear what Farah, Julia, Samora and Thyson

have to tell?

De Verhalenbende - a group of young storytellers from Amsterdam - collects and tells a mix of folk tales, fairy tales and personal stories. Travel along in tales full of colours and scents to countries far away! And what's really fun: you get to do things yourself too, because after each story there is an activity where you can create your own.



Who actually is the real boss on the Olympos? Is it chief god Zeus or his spouse, Hera? Or is it Pallas Athene, the wisest of them all? And what are they doing there on that mountain with all those heroes, trying their hardest to prove their manhood? And to seduce women ...

Power and prestige, that's what it's all about. In short, nothing has changed since then. Or has it? An energetic storytelling performance on the theme of Greek myths and sagas. These fantastic stories continue to appeal to us and, above all, they remain an inexhaustible source for giving meaning to the dynamics in our society. Together with three young, inspiring performers, we relentlessly bring these Greek epics into the present. How timeless are these stories? Should we also dare to question the dynamics of these stories? And how do they link these stories to their own perceptions of gender and identity? The performance of #HELD(IN) is ideal for young and old alike.




A phone booth in Emmen.

A mother and three children are crammed into it and call Curaçao. One of them is Thyson.

He gets to talk to his father for a while...

ANTI is the personal story of Thyson Miguel. In this storytelling performance, he takes you through his childhood. Thyson was born in Curaçao and came to the Netherlands at a young age. ANTI is the honest story about balancing between hope and the danger of the seamy side of society. About the longing for security. How strong do you have to be to break away from your roots, without letting go of what you cherish? How do you take direction over your own life?

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