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\Casablanca Stories

"What would you entrust to a taxi driver what you do not tell anyone else?"


Eleven young Casaoui, residents of Casablanca, asked themselves this question and worked on their stories for a week. Eventually they shared their stories with a larger audience than just the taxi driver.

Casablanca Stories was the outcome of a two-week training in which the participants not only worked on their own stories but also learned how to work with stories in communities and neighborhoods.

A performance by: Issam Chofri, Hanane El Kabani, Amine Rochdi, Rabab Elkhadari, Oumaima Asri, Taha Benaim, Karam Ahmed, Machhour Mohamed, Aya Tahri, Soumia Ghalim en Ahlam Marouan

Directed by: Mouad Lasmak en Arjen Barel

Coaching: Fouad Lakbir

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