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\Five questions you always wanted to ask a terrorist

At an airport in Istanbul, the main artery between east and west, two terrorists meet at a table at the Burger King. The one (Jewish) returned from a successful mission, disillusioned, the other (Muslim) is enthusiastically on his way to join a terrorist movement in order to fight for a better world.

While the actors Raffa and Souf intend to play this story, they get into trouble with their own personal standpoints towards extremism, radicalization and the absurdity of this encounter. It is therefore questionable whether they will actually play the story at all.

Five questions you always wanted to ask a terrorist is a personal quest of two actors, the Israeli Raphael Rodan (later replaced by Yorke Mulder) and the Dutch / Moroccan Soufiane Moussouli, about the question 'What drives a terrorist?' Their motivation to this make this performance was the shared fascination about what happens in the world in the field of terrorism, how they can relate to it and what the effect of radicalization is on their personal lives.

Performed by: Raphael Rodan/Yorke Mulder, Soufiane Moussouli

Text and dramaturgy: Arjen Barel

Directed by: Marjan Barlage

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