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\Fortune seeker

After exploring his relationship with Morocco on one side and the Netherlands on the other, in Marok(k)anen huilen niet, Soufiane Moussouli now focuses on his cousis's story. Hamza recently married in Antwerp and he has his papers. That makes him very happy as he had a very insecure live, living illegally in the Brussels district of Molenbeek for over five years, after he fled from Morocco in search of a better life.

Soufiane tells the story of Hamza. A story that is not always fun. He mixes that story with his own life. Because why does Hamza desperately want to go to Europe while Soufiane often dreams about living in Morocco? And what are you willing to give up in your search for happiness?

Text and performance: Soufiane Moussouli

Text en dramaturgy: Arjen Barel

Directed by: Bart Oomen

Music: Dwight Breinburg

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