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"Zeus is with immediate effect deleted from all stories of Greek mythology. With that, the fall of the God of Heaven, Lightning and Justice seems complete" (De Speld)

Semigods who eat their children. Titans who come into the world out of a testicle. Women who throw their sons off the mountain because.... too ugly. Freaky snakes that crawl out of heads. And a supreme god who regularly transforms into a bull in order to attract young girls.

The Greek myths. As absurd and incomprehensible as they sometimes seem, they are still so influential today. These ancient stories are interwoven in our language, and have laid the foundation of our Western society and how we treat one another in it.

But to what extent should we simply praise this influence to the skies and put a God like Zeus on a pedestal?

#HELD(IN) is an energetic whirlwind of fat beats, absurd stories and extraordinary outpourings. By sharing their favourite Greek myths and personal stories, the performers take you with them on their quest for what real heroes are. In a compelling finale, a lawsuit is filed against Zeus. In the end, the audience decides what to do with this supreme god in 2022. Will he keep his hero status or will he fall off his pedestal?


With: Ferhat Kaplan, Tania Christina, Robbie Wallin and DJ Tripoculus


direction: Marjolein Frijling

dramaturgy: Arjen Barel

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21 June 2022, KlasseTheater Tilburg, 7 pm

(as part of network meeting for primary and secondary education)

8 July 2022 Village Storytelling Festival Glasgow 6.45 pm

School playlist (private):

28 January 2022

Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam Vox College Noord

18 March 2022

Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam Bredero College

30 March 2022

Den Haag, Christelijk Lyceum Zandvliet