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\Moroccans do not cry

Soufiane Moussouli is angry: "I'm not different! I was born in the Netherlands. Is what we see on TV about the young Moroccan in the Netherlands normal, while I am different when I behave socially? Yes, I suffer when people call me different. Why don’t you just say that I am funny or cute? "


Soufiane Moussouli was born in the Netherlands, but actually feels Moroccan. Or maybe not.


This is the story of Soufiane Moussouli. He plays a show about his two identities titled Moroccans don’t cry. "They always say that you have to adapt to society. And I also really want to be a Dutchman. However the question is rather:.. Do I get the opportunity to adapt?"


Soufiane takes his audience to Morocco, but also to his hometown Lelystad. By doing this he gives a glimpse into his heart.


Moroccans don’t cry is a funny, often personal and sometimes poignant performance about someone who does not know where he feels at home. This theme is familiar to many people in the Netherlands and in many other counties. They struggle with questions such as: Where do I feel at home? What does it take to feel at home?


Performed by: Soufiane Mousouli

Directed by: Arjen Barel

Music: Abdel Attahari, Dwight Breinburg and Yassine Belghanch

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