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\Next to Normal, Palestinian Stories Untold

Palestine is constantly in the news. We see young people throwing stones, weeping mothers, missiles and traumatized children. But do we know whatreally concerns  young Palestinians? What makes them happy, what worries them? Who are their heroes? What are their stories?
In Next to Normal we examined the lives of four young Palestinians. They took the audience to their country, using old and recent stories, thus creating a personal and sometimes political performance. Because they live in a country where the personal is always political. But where life sometimes is not even political at all.

Next to Normal was made by Jasmin Shlalda, Rabee Hanani, Saje Dumarie and Sezar Obead. The first three live and work on the West Bank and are connected to the Ashtar Theater in Ramallah, in collaboration with which this production was achieved.

A performance by: Jasmin Shlalda, Rabee Hanani, Saje Dumarie en Sezar Obead

Directed by: Arjen Barel en Soufiane Moussouli

Music: Othman Lamrani

With special thanks to: Anas Khatib, Mohmad Nahfawi and Antonij Karadzoski


A production of Stichting Storytelling Centre in co-production with Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah

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