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How is it to be young in a diverse society? Are we all one or are we looking at each other with certain views and opiniions? What is your history and what is mine? What do we share and what do not? These are the questions that young storytellers ask themselves and want to share with the audience in the Portretten (Portraits) program.

Coached by Arjen Barel, Hester Tammes and Soufiane Moussouli, nine people made a short performance in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in which they tell their story.

Performances were made by: Khadija Assbai, Redouan Aitouarg, Robbie Wallin, Gaia Theil, Samir El Hadaoui, Adnan Atik, Guiliano Herdigein, Jihad Alariachi en Anouar Ennali.

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