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\Planet Europe

What is home? That’s a highly relevant question to a lot of people living in the Madrid today. How many of our parents were born in another country? How many of us moved to another country? How many of us needed to adjust to a new life style and culture? How many of us faced hostility? How many of us needed to redefine our sense of home?


These are the core questions in Planet Europe, a performance about traveling and the quest for a new home. And the knowledge that a new home will never be like the home you left behind, though the latter may have changed and turned its back to you.


PLanet Europe is performed by Mabel Pearson and directed by Arjen Barel and Hester Tammers, assisted by Christel Coolen and Amalia Gallego

Produced by Mano in coproduction with Storytelling Centre

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