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Gerardjan Rijnders met a man through a dating site. He called himself 'Jack'. Was Gerardjan aware that this man was an escort? Gerardjan - rather naively - was not. Because he suspected that there might be an interesting story in this man, he asked him if he could interview him. Initially he was not allowed to, but after some time the man sought contact again; he said he was open to it, provided it could be done discreetly. During the interviews Gerardjan recorded on his phone, the man distorted his voice and made Gerardjan promise that, after Gerardjan had done what he intended with the recordings, he would destroy them. That's what he did.

These interviews are the basis for Slakje, a gripping performance in which Thijs Prijn tells the story of 'Jack'. And gets under his skin. In a direction by Gerardjan Rijnders.

"The text is cleverly constructed as a litany of evil despite the horror (...) and the actor tells his story in an unparalleled, modest and moving way. This is documentary theatre without embellishment, but with great impact. Hein Janssen, Volkskrant

Slakje is a co-production of Kat op het Spek and Storytelling Centre

Text and direction: Gerardjan Rijnders

Performed by: Thijs Prijn

Stage design: Roelof Pothuis



6 augustus 2022 - 20.00 u

Parool Theater, Amsterdam